Our Top 10 Recommended Off Road Trails in Northern Michigan

DSC08926Northern Michigan is rapidly gaining popularity as a most visited off road destination. The trails present here are just right for all types of off road vehicles including dirt bikes, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. While the off road vehicles are more than ready to take on any trail here, I’ve found that using designated trails, which are perfect for off-roading, ensures you have an even greater adventure. Here are some of the best trails you can find in Northern Michigan.

Twisted Trails Off Road Park

Situated in Copemish, you can get here from Traverse City in less than 40 minutes. The park is built around the off road trail with the plenty of acreage preseThis park offers the best spot for off roaders in entire Michigan State. The hills, rocks, mud, and long trails offer splendid scope. Sand drags, rock crawling and mud bogs are organized here.

You can find different types of trails from mild ones suitable for beginners to wild trails that suit the experts. The featured obstacles are my favorite as they provide the best enjoyment and you get to go rock crawling too. The park fondly called as People’s park is run by members of Dusters Off Road Club, so you can be assured of experiencing the best ride ever. The place is ideal for quad and motorcycle races too.

Big Bear Lake State Forest Campground

Camping is not the only attraction of the Big Bear Lake Forest region situated in Gaylord. The two off road vehicle routes and trails namely Big Bear and Crapo Creek trail are quite popular here. Big Bear trail extending for 14.5 miles is linked to Crapo Creek trail route west of it, which extends to about 18 miles.

Traverse City trail

Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, the Adrenaline Tour gives you a wonderful off-roading experience. You get a guided tour, so you will know more about the trail and its surroundings and learn the ropes better from the experts. Even If you have experience taking on the off road trails, the tour still lets you enjoy the trail more, as you get to know about the intricate details better this way.

Au Sable River State Forest canoe camp and campground

This is a great weekend getaway. The rustic campsite is very popular and fills up fast, so you need to book ahead. The place is ideal for various outdoor activities including camping and paddling. The area abounds in wildlife making it a true nature trip. The trail here is named Frederic Loop. It extends over 29 miles and an additional 9 miles that is only for a full sized four-wheeler trip.

Kalkaska Trail And Route

This is a diversified terrain, which keeps you excited and eager to continue on the trail and route. Open to almost all off road vehicles, you can find nearly all types of off road conditions from rolling hills, sandy terrain and others on the ORV Route. You get loop options too. The off road vehicle Trail however allows only vehicles that have width of 50 inches. The trail is a mix of sand, rocks, and roots. I had a very thrilling ride here mostly because I took it during the night. I had high quality 20 inch led light bar that I have bought from Black Oak store to shine my way through.

Grand Traverse County To Supply Road

This off road route is near Timber Ridge and VASA trail situated in Traverse City. The off road vehicle route is a heaven-sent for off road fans with its picturesque and rustic surroundings. The trail consists of a 32-mile route that is solely for motorcycles, while for four wheelers there is a route extending up to 5 miles, which in my opinion is designed to please even the most picky off roader.

Holton Area North Trails

Situated in Holton, Michigan, United States, this off road trail extends for about 45 miles. Situated to the Northwest and Northern part of Holton and to Fremont’s west the trail consists of two tracks, seasonal roads, and dirt roads. The narrow loops at 180th avenue and Skeels Road can give the characteristic pinstripes for Jeeps and would not accommodate full size off road vehicles. I’ve found it safe to stay on the trails always. For a more scenic trail, take the south part of White River. Since camping facility is allowed, you can enjoy the trail for a longer time.

UP tour 09 Trail Ride

Located in Houghton, Michigan, this trail ride covers about 1,432 miles. To enjoy this trail best, you need to begin at Detroit metro region and drive near the Escanaba. Next, take the Northward route to Keweenaw Peninsula, which has great off-roading trail.

You can also enjoy other local activities here including fishing and hiking. The Inland Lake here is popular for its fishing. Porcupine Mountains offer a splendid hiking trail. The Manistique natural spring and mining area at Fayette are other attractions.

Jordan River Valley to Grayling ORV Route

Situated in Elmira, Michigan, this route extends to about 67 miles. The seasonal roads in winter in this Northern Michigan area are worth exploring in your four-wheeler. The Jordan River offers splendid respite from managing the hard terrain. The road by the river passes via Jordan Valley and leads to Mancelona. From Mancelona you can go to Grayling and take on the Kalkaska trail.

Pines Point Area

Located in Hesperia, Michigan, this 26-mile off road trail has seasonal roads, two tracks, and dirt roads too. Some of the roads end in the White River.  Camping facilities are available in this region, which belongs to the National Forest Area.

Michigan State also has designated scramble areas where off roaders can operate their vehicles. Scramble areas are those, which allow an off roader to use the exiting pathways, and trails without any restriction, provided the area is not posted as closed. Off roaders can travel anywhere they want to in these areas. Silver Lake Sand Dunes, Bull Gap and Black Lake Recreation are a few such scramble areas in the state.

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